I can't create works very often. So my blog won't be very big, but all my works are of the high quality, I think. All my meshes are suitable for three types of figure: thin, normal and fat. Some of textures are hand-painted, some are from photos, anyway, I try to make textures better, more realistic and more quality of course.

I wrote it on side bar, but I will repeat: If you want to publish my works on your site, get the link to the blog post and do not re-upload! And especially, don't claim as your own. You can use my meshes only with my permission. You can get a permission, sending me an e-mail. I will not refuse you! I just want to know who use them.

My e-mail: yulchik131197@gmail.com

Please, respect copyrights!

Something about me.
I will blog in English. Sometimes I will make notes in Russian, because i live in Russian and many visitors will be from Russia too. 
I love your comment a lot! So, don't be lazy, write a comment. I always agree to criticism, so you will not hurt me.

And thanks a lot for visiting!

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